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  • 9:30AMCoffee & Donuts
  • 10:00AM Worship & Message

Battleground of the Mind

This book explores the three arenas of spiritual warfare that the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church and the heavenly places. It provides a foundation of insight, wisdom and discernment on the nature of the battle and the keys to victory.

Embracing the Second Half

(We will be using The Caleb Generation CD) Our goal is that you come away: ENCOURAGED in God’s promises, CHALLENGED on our purposes and EXCITED about living a full second half while sharing a meal together.

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a Biblically based teaching on how to handle your finances. This nine-week class will get you started on a path to financial freedom by learning to handle money God’s way. Come learn about stewardship, budgeting, investing and much more from a dynamic and engaging speaker!

Foundations Class

This group provides an opportunity for all people to become well acquainted with the essentials of Christianity, what Christ Community Church believes, and a pathway to discovering personal giftings that can guide participants into fulfilling an anointed role within and beyond the church. It is geared for non-Christians, new Christians, and veteran believers by covering important issues of the faith and providing answers to the critics such as why Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. Scriptural content will be made fresh and exciting. Each year the notebook outline is revised and updated. If you’ve never experienced the Growth Tracks, this is your opportunity to do so since they have all been recently added. If you completed Foundations Class years ago, you might consider taking the class again. All re-takers were glad they did. There will be plenty of opportunity for Q & A. There are awesome guest speakers that will add credibility to the content outline, and John McLeod and Nate Bohn are in training to teach some classes. This has always been an exciting group and has helped many to be strengthened in Christ and become familiar with fellow believers.

Freedom in Christ

This small group will be part of training to move on to the inner healing ministry. The focus is on knowing who we are in Christ, who God is and how He looks at us. The last four sessions are spent going through some inner healing.

Gospel of Matthew, Part One

Bible Study of the first 14 chapters of Matthew. Part Two, in the spring semester of 2016, will finish the Book. This will be a verse-by-verse “read and discuss” with an emphasis on personal application of God’s Word. Ample opportunity for Q & A and discussions.

How People Grow

Whether you’re hoping to achieve personal and spiritual growth or are looking for guidance to help others, you’ll find practical and proven wisdom in Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s “How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth.”  Unpacking the practical and passionate theology that forms the backbone of their counseling, Cloud and Townsend shatter popular misconceptions about how God operates and how growth happens. You’ll discover what the essential processes are that make people grow. 

Improving our Christian Worldview and Woodworking

We will study ‘Thinking Like A Christian’, (a study Pastor Mark has done in the past).  The secondary theme will be woodworking. I will work with you on a project of your choosing providing it will fit in my limited space. Or I will just teach you how to use the tools I have. We can use Thursday evening for extra time if needed.

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage

Together we will experience Mark Gungor’s hilarious and unique look at love, life and marriage that has made him one of the country’s top marriage speakers. Laugh and learn as you explore the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships and practical solutions to common relationship woes. Couples will learn Mark Gungor’s biblically sound, honest and hard-hitting insights to help strengthen, improve and enrich their marriage. In addition, it’s a great tool for pre-marital instruction.

(Meeting day is negotiable for change if there is enough interest.)

On to Maturity

This is the course to take after Foundations. This study will cover a lot of fascinating information that will equip you to walk closer to the Lord and will prepare to keep learning even more.