Join us Sunday

  • 9:30AMCoffee & Donuts
  • 10:00AM Worship & Message

Café Hopping

Come explore some cafés around the Rochester area every other Saturday! Anyone welcome, including kids. 🙂

Disc Golf

Play at different courses around Rochester every other Saturday, and possibly take a trip to another course.


Come enjoy tough muddy spartan caveman/woman Crossfit and more! You don’t have to be a runner to join.

Fridays, Food, and 50’s (plus)

Come eat dinner and fellowship! Meat will be supplied, just bring a dish to pass.

Guys’ Camping

Come camping in the wilderness once a month!

Guys’ Grilling

For the Grilling Enthusiasts! Members of the group will take turns being the “Grill Master” and grill the main course for a meal at each of our meetings. Remaining group members will bring other items to round out the meal. Location is the Grill Master’s choice; their home, Scott’s home, or a local park.

Meetings will happen twice a month!

Guys’ Mountain Biking

Ride the singletrack around Rochester and enjoy a trip to Swain.

Sundays or Saturdays at 3 pm!

Guys’ Shooting


Explore the hiking trails of the Rochester area and geocache twice a month. There is also the possibility of taking a couple day trips to other areas in Western NY. All ages welcome.


Come ride the waves on three different adventures around the waterways of Rochester!