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Sermons Series: Acts

I’m Tired of the Status Quo

October 25, 2015 | PB

This is the last message in a short series on portions of the Book of Acts. It’s a little out of order, but today we talk about the amazing “fallout” from the miracle in chapter 3. Will life ever be the same? When the Holy Spirit moves there’s a disruption of the status quo. Are you prepared to let God disrupt your life with a move of His Holy Spirit?

Ananias and Sapphira

October 11, 2015 | Pastor Mark DuPré

The sobering story of Ananias and Sapphira is a cautionary tale, but much more. Sometimes God’s mercy is demonstrated in a way that seems severe. This sermon gives a great deal of context to this one act of judgment, and shows the merciful and loving heart of God behind it.

God’s Work, God’s Call

October 4, 2015 | Pastor Mark DuPré

In Acts 3, Peter and John are used by God to raise up a lame man at the Temple gates. This sermon delves into the story to pull out insight into what God was doing in him, and what God has for us–a new life, even for those who already know Him!


September 27, 2015 | PB

We return to our Christian roots today as we begin a series of messages from the book of Acts. Today we look at the very beginnings of Christianity, to our roots, and make the point that you must be connected to your roots. Otherwise, like a plant that loses its connection to its root system, we fall into a dangerous place! Roots: Are you connected?