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“Let It Develop”, by Pastor Brad Kahler

June 16, 2019

Enjoy this Father’s Day sermon by Pastor Brad Kahler!

“By Default or by Design?”, by Pastor Brad Kahler

June 9, 2019 | Pastor Brad Kahler

 Are you living by design, or by default? In this sermon, Pastor Brad Kahler uses the account of David’s anointing as an example of how family, familiarity and failure can get in the way of us seeing God’s amazing plans for our lives. It is by knowing God’s truth of who we are, of what He has determined to be truly valuable in culture, and what is realistic in God’s eyes; that can enable us to escape the default setting the world has for us; and live according to God’s grander design.

“Small Matters, Part 2”, by Pastor Bruce Plummer

June 2, 2019

This is the second and final message entitled “Small Matters.” Sunday is our Compassion Sunday, so it seems very appropriate to continue to talk about God’s priority on the young! Jesus said that whatever good we do to a young person we’ve done to Him. The message today talks about 3 fundamental shifts in our thinking that will align us with God’s will in this area

“Small Matters”, by Pastor Bruce Plummer

May 26, 2019

This is the first of two messages on “Small Matters.” The surprising application of the the words “take heed how you build” isn’t the idea of building structures. It’s all about you building on the foundation of knowing Jesus personally and then taking heed, paying attention to, the young.

“Walking in Freedom”, by Glenn and Amanda Shultes

May 19, 2019 | Glenn and Amanda Shultes

 Glenn and Amanda Shultes share a message about intentionally walking in the freedoms that God has purchased for us. In this sermon, they encourage us to see Jesus as a well with an unlimited supply of living water. With this supply, we have all that we need to see the goodness of our Father, to stop believing the lies of the enemy, and to become unencumbered with the fear of man.. We are also encouraged to lovingly walk in this freedom in our given sphere of influence, so that others can notice and also be reminded of these same freedoms they can have in Christ.

Mother’s Day 2019, by Pastor Bruce Plummer and Guest Speakers

May 12, 2019

In this Mother’s Day message we’ll discover how intimidating this holiday can be and find what actually constitutes “Super Mom” status. At the end we’ll interview some folks who know all about this!

“God Sees,” by Pastor Mark DuPré

May 5, 2019

Did you ever really mess things up? Or find yourself in a bad situation that you can’t see your way out of? Read Genesis 16 (whole chapter)

Background: God promised to make a great nation from Abraham, but he didn’t have a son with his wife Sarah. A famine sent him to Egypt, where Sarah was highly favored by Pharaoh, and received many gifts, including a servant for Sarah named Hagar.

Pretty much everyone made a bad decision here:

Sarah offering her maid to Abraham

Abraham taking her up on the offer

Hagar getting a bad attitude when she conceived

Sarah putting the blame on Abraham and calling God as a judge on him

Abraham not intervening into the problem between Sarah and Hagar

Sarah being cruel

Hagar taking off

No one seems to have sought the Lord in any of this: Psalm 34:4 and II Chronicles 26:5

“Now the Angel of the Lord found her” — God was looking for her, going after her, actively seeking her. His question: “Hagar, Sarai’s maid, where have you come from, and where are you going?”

Hagar had every good reason to count herself out. But the Lord saw her. God identified Hagar personally — not a random greeting. His calling her “Hagar, Sarai’s maid” brought her back to her calling and identity. And he asked knowing and personal questions, working to engage with her and snap her out of her isolated, confused mindset. God showed her what her choices were.

The good news: Hagar connected with the Lord, and honestly answered: “I am fleeing from the presence of my mistress Sarai.”

God told her to return and promised to bless her (He has promised to bless those who blessed Abraham). Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees.

God is called by a lot of names in the Bible that reflect who He is: The God who provides, The Lord our banner, The Lord our peace, etc. This is the only time He is called “The God Who Sees”.

“Well of course, God sees. I know the scriptures!” II Chronicles 16:9 and Hebrews 4:13

But the question isn’t whether or not God is aware, or that He notices. But it’s that He really sees it all–everything–all aspects of the situation: where it started, what a mess it is, and how to move out of it. More than that, He cares as He sees (Psalm 121:5)

Are you in a mess right now? Does it seems that there is no getting out of it?

Does it seem so complicated that you aren’t even sure how to pray?

God sees it. He knows everything about it, inside and out.

How about that one unchanging situation in your life? The one you’ve learned to live with, but that is always sitting there, unresolved?

God sees that one too. He completely understands every aspect of it. Not just how it got there, but how it can be resolved.

Let’s bring those situations to Him in faith.

He sees it. He gets it. He gets us–completely! God has complete understanding of where we are now, and He cares. And He has the wisdom to get us out of our mess.

Let’s reconnect with Him, and listen to what our personal and loving God has to say to us. He only wants to bring us to where the blessings are.

“He Gives the Spirit Without Measure,” by Joel Peers

April 28, 2019 | Joel Peers

In this sermon, Joel Peers explained the Presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the Old and New Testaments.  The spiritual gifts that God has given to us through the Holy Spirit are the manifestation of God’s Presence. Therefore there are more gifts available than just those listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Joel encouraged and challenged us to move beyond “the list” and reminded us that they are readily available  to all believers at all times.

“The Resurrection: Did It Really Happen?” by Pastor Bruce Plummer

April 21, 2019 | Pastor Bruce Plummer

Today is Easter, Resurrection Sunday! The whole day has an exclamation point attached because it is the day that is so central to all we believe about Jesus. But how do we know that the story and the event were true? Is there evidence? And if the evidence shows His story to be reality, what does it mean for you?

“Pro Life Sunday,” (Part 1), by Pastors Bruce Plummer and Mark DuPré

April 14, 2019

The horror of abortion, beyond the murdering of innocents, has brought judgment, confusion, and great sadness to our land. This sermon digs into what is going on behind the curtain spiritually and socially, and points to the only way out–the sacrifice of Christ applied to our lives, our state, and our nation