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December 3, 2017 | PB | From the series: Directions

Everyone wants to know what their direction in life ought to be. But can we really know that sort of thing? Isn’t life what we make it? To some degree life is what we make it, but only to a small degree. Our direction, our steps, are ordered by a Director of the highest authority and today we find the keys to knowing what that direction is.

Help My Hands are Falling

November 19, 2017 | Pastor James Laughlin

Pastor James Laughlin of Joy Community Church in Rochester shares four spiritual weapons that will help you face the battles in your life. Just as victory was possible for Moses, it’s possible for you. To achieve it, you should focus not only on what God can do for you, but also what God wants to do in you. You were never meant to fight the battle alone!

First Things First

November 12, 2017 | PB | From the series: First Things First

We freshly discover today that God Himself is first. First in the Universe, first in creation and first in, well, everything. The challenge is for us as people to put Him first in our lives, out of love and devotion to God. There are two areas of life to consider primarily: our time /attention and our finances.

Orphan Sunday 2017

November 5, 2017 | Diana Prykhodko | From the series: Orphan Sunday

The plight of orphans around the world is staggering; millions live in despair and tragedy, and a large percentage commit suicide. Diana Prykhodko is one who survived against insurmountable odds. She escaped from her abusive mother only to be left alone on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. The world identified her as an orphan, but Diana discovered a different identity in Christ.

After Darkness, Light

October 29, 2017 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: THE Reformation

Something happened 500 years ago this week that has probably impacted our lives more than anything since the early church. It was Martin Luther unknowingly kicking off the Reformation, which re-opened the gospel, turned Europe upside down, and led to the formation of the U.S. Plus, it tells us a lot about God Himself.

Style Versus Content

October 22, 2017 | Larry Arendas | From the series: Guest Speaker

Guest speaker Larry Arendas is a pastor/minister with a marvelous gift of knowledge and more!

Making Relationships

October 15, 2017 | PB | From the series: Relationships

In the Book of Philippians there’s a brief but pointed message to two godly women, Euodia and Syntyche. Paul “implored” them to get their relationship right! So what goes into making relationships work? This message has some great directives from the Bible to help in any​​ and all relationships.

Know my Anxieties

October 8, 2017 | PB | From the series: Anxiety

After last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas we needed to talk about the subject of anxiety. The news and our instant access to it can make us all jittery, even obsessed with what might go wrong. Are there disasters waiting around the corner? And what about my normal worries? Is there a way to deal with this that’s real and helpful? God does have a very potent answer.

The Church: A Community Covenant

October 1, 2017 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Covenant

In our third of three sermons on covenant, we look at the covenant we have with one another as members of Christ’s body. God loves us and sees us as individuals, but He has also created us to function as members of a committed community. We can never be truly spiritually mature in isolation!

Promises, Promises: All About Covenant (and then some…)

September 24, 2017 | PB | From the series: Covenant

This second message in a series called “Promises, Promises” is also about covenant, but with a different twist. We’ll compare covenant, contract and promises and find that each has its place in our lives now. We’ll also find out what David and Jonathan did in regard to covenant and how what they did means a great deal to us.