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“Much More”, by Pastor Mark DuPré

August 4, 2019

There are times when, even after a great deal of investment in a relationship or situation, we have to walk away. King Amaziah did that in the Old Testament, and God promised him Much More for his loss. This sermon encourages us to look at our own life situations and learn how to let go in faith and receive God’s Much More.

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Sermon Notes

Much More


     Did you ever read these stories in advice columns about folks who stay in relationships just because they’ve been in them so long? And you think, “Just walk away and don’t worry about the wasted years!”


     King Amaziah in the Old Testament was in a similar situation, but it wasn’t about relationships. It was about money he’d already spent for something. II Chronicles 25:1, 5-10


     We do the same thing more than we think…


     Phone calls. “But I’ve spent so much time on the phone already. If I hang up now, all that time is wasted!


     Repair or replace–car or any other device. Should I keep investing time and money into this thing, or is it time to get a new one? 


     Paint job–but I spent so much time and effort creating this! (But it really needs to be repainted!)


     We all have to figure out what to do when we realize we need to stop doing something.


     There are several good reasons:


     When it’s not God’s will–the case w/Amaziah. He wasn’t supposed to hire troops from Israel. It was a lack of trust in God’s provision, and they worshiped false idols. 


     If we realize that what we’re doing isn’t God, we need to stop right away and look to God’s grace for whatever consequences there are. Sometimes if we realize we’ve been doing something wrong for a long time, and then we become aware that it’s sin, we can feel some condemnation.


     It’s also the smart thing to do: The “sunk cost fallacy” is when people continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested resources (time, money or effort).


     “The investment is done and can never be recouped, whether you stay or go. But what can be recouped is any future investment–by choosing not to make it.      Andrea Bonior, Ph.D.


     That’s GOOD, and it’s SMART, but it leaves one major component out–God! Trust that if He is leading you to stop doing something, He has “much more” (II Chronicles 25:9) to give you in its place.


     What did Amaziah do? He let it go! He cut his losses, which was good. But “much more” than that, he trusted in the Lord. He let the investment go, and was successful in battle.


     So what situation might you have? 


     A long-term relationship or friendship you keep thinking will get better and healthier, and it isn’t, and you’re only holding on because it’s hard to look at all the time you feel you’d have wasted?


     Your job that is so bad and doesn’t fit well? If you’re two years away from your pension, that’s one thing. But if you’ve only invested a few years and you know it’s good and healthy to move on, trust God. Move on! He is able to give you much more that you “think” you’d be losing.


     Maybe as you grew up, you began to realize that someone you were close to and have invested a great deal in  a relationship that you thought was great,  but wasn’t so great after all. As the truth comes more and more to light, you might have to give up your version of events and accept another one. That’s hard to do, especially if you’ve invested years in believing something that isn’t true. It hurts our pride, and we feel like jerks. 


     Quote: “I’d rather know the truth and temporarily feel like a jerk than to ignore the truth and actually be one.” – Mark DuPré


     What about education? Are you willing to change direction if necessary?


     What can the “Much More” mean?


     A good, healthy version of what you had. How many folks found the right person to be with or found a much better job because they trusted God and walked away from a situation that kept them trapped with promises that were never fulfilled?


     Actually, if you walk away (with kindness), those years weren’t wasted. In the walking away, we learn a lot of things about ourselves. That way, we don’t make the same mistakes, and we can help others avoid those same mistakes, or we can help someone else out of their problem.


      All that’s good, but it’s still not the best thing.


      That you can learn about God…that He loves us. That He is quick to forgive us. That He cares more than we knew about what’s going on in our lives. And that He is faithful!


     But we must do one important thing to get the Much More. We must make room for it. We do that by Releasing everything about your experience to the Lord. Make it a real offering. Come to Him with your disappointment, your anger at whoever, your frustration about others or yourself. Give Him the days, months, or years you think you’ve wasted–give them to Him. He wants to take them and then give them back to us in another form. God is a Redeemer. He transforms things!