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Divine Interruptions: Part Two: The Will of God

June 1, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Divine Interruptions

God sovereignly interrupts our lives on occasion. These are His surprises and blessings, though we don’t often experience them this way at first. Take a look at how He interrupts and the best ways to respond.

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Sermon Notes

Ps. 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

We experience good interruptions and bad ones. The good ones we call divine appointments. Mostly, we think of interruptions as unwanted invasions of time, money and attention.

Much of what we know about certain Bible characters is because they were divinely interrupted. Think of Moses, Abram, Mary, the disciples, and what they were doing when the Lord interrupted them.

Our Problems with Divine Interruptions

Some of us have our lives planned a bit too much. “We miss out on so many God moments because we’re so consumed by the illusion of control.”

We don’t always “walk in the spirit” so that we are attuned to the Lord’s voice and hand.

Interruptions can challenge our problems with anger, or control, or our belief that it’s still our life and we get to make the calls. …

We’ve fit God into a nice place in our lives. Trouble is, God doesn’t seem to fit Himself into our plans. …

Our greatest experiences with God fall outside of our plans.

How to Look at Divine Interruptions

Consider them God’s surprises.

His interruptions are blessings. God loves us enough to not leave us to our own devices.

They remind us who is in charge.

God’s way of telling us He has much more for us than what we thought.

Good news! No interruption can stop God from accomplishing His purposes in our lives. Not divorce. Not breaking up. Delayed or canceled flights. Road construction. School buses picking up every child on the street. Getting fired.

His sovereign interruptions are opportunities. Think of the opportunities God’s interruptions provided for Abram, Moses, Mary and the disciples.

How to Respond to Divine Interruptions

Acknowledge when this happens that God is bigger than the interruption.

Affirm that we don’t know what’s happening, but that we know Him in the midst of it.

Trust that He has a purpose and plan that is unfolding in the midst of the interruption. This may take work and time!

Turn aside, as Moses did (Exodus 3:3-4).

Ask God: What do you want me to do now?

We need to allow ourselves to be interrupted.

What has God used–or what is He using now–to get your attention? Are you willing to turn aside to hear what He is saying?

Are you willing to do whatever He speaks to you to do? Including making some disruptive change in your life? Allow His interruptions its fullest impact in your life!