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Freedom From, Freedom To

January 15, 2017 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Freedom in Christ

In our second sermon in our three-part series on freedom in Christ, we press deeper into what this freedom looks like, why we have it, and how to keep it.

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Sermon Notes

Freedom in Christ: Freedom From, Freedom To

In our second sermon in our three-part series on freedom in Christ, we press deeper into what this freedom looks like, why we have it, and how to keep it.

We are free from: the wrath of God–since we don’t have to experience it, we often don’t think of it. But it’s eternal judgment.

We are free to: know God and spend eternity with Him.

We are free from: condemnation. We can’t be condemned because Jesus took all the condemnation. Jesus took the punishment, so whatever God is doing in our lives, it’s not punishment. Sometimes we reap what we sow, and sometimes God is shaping and even chastising us. But Jesus took all our punishment! We’re free to rest on the finished work of Christ!

We are free from: having to sin. We were all under the law of sin and death–like the law of gravity. The law stops applying to someone when they’ve died.The good news is – Christ has already done this for us.

Romans 7:4

Free to: Be under a different law, and live by the power of God’s spirit.

Romans 8:2

The problem of one law can only be resolved by another law. Our will and determination can’t overcome the law, but a higher law can overcome a lower law. We need to agree with God that we have been crucified with Christ. That killed the chance of eternal punishment, that killed the enemy’s right to accuse you.

Does freedom in Christ mean I am free to do what I want? Well, yes, but there are some considerations.

Laws of sowing and reaping still apply. There are repercussions to what we do!

When we pursue sin, we’re going against what God is doing in your life. Everything He’s doing for you, and in you, and to you, is going in the other direction than sin.

And our inclinations have changed. The freedom found in Christ gives the believer a desire to life for Christ as a servant. It changes our hearts to want to do the will of God.

The freedom we have in Christ is not for sin, or for our being selfish.

We are free…to do the will of God.

This is what we were created for in the first place.

Part of the law of the Spirit is the law of love

There are no rules when it comes to living free in Christ, in terms of do this and don’t do that. True freedom calls for a real relationship with Jesus and a sensitivity to the Spirit of God.

But there are some principles and even some helpful direction.

I Corinthians 8 We are so free in Christ that we don’t have to always express our freedom, but we are free to live in the law of love.

Galatians 5:13-14–our guide!

One way to walk in greater freedom:

John 8:31-32. Not just “truth sets us free,” but how we get that truth! “”My word” refers not just to the Bible, but also following the Spirit of God in our lives (“abiding”).

Freedom’s been given to us in Jesus. Our part is to believe God, and walk in the freedom that He died to give us!