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April 27, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: At The Movies (Spring 2014)

Disney’s Frozen breaks the mold of Disney cartoons in all the right ways. In spite of a few missteps, it gives some great relationship advice, encourages us to use the gifts God gave us, and demonstrates what true love really looks like in action.

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Sermon Notes

A huge hit. A few minor things wrong with it, but not typical Disney.

Two sisters, one with a specific gift. Elsa can create show and ice, and at first, it’s used for fun. At first:

Clip 1–5:00 (playing in snow) to 5:38 (“I’ve got you.”)

Due to immaturity and to Anna’s over-enthusiasm, Anna gets hurt.

They take her to the trolls. They say something profound:

Clip 2:  7:30 (“Listen to me…’) to 8:15 (“…including Anna.”)

“There is beauty in the power, but great danger. Fear will be your enemy.”

So the parents make a great big mistake! Instead of teaching her how to steward her gift, they put it away because of fear. But it’s shortsighted and harmful in the long run.

Clip 3 9:35 (“I’m scared. It’s getting stronger.”) to 9:51 (Anna walks away from sister’s door deciding not to knock.)

Fear–of anything–can’t be of God. Parents failed to come alongside daughter and work with her to help her learn how to properly use her gifts. The result? Alienation. Isolation. And the people that were supposed to be relating to her were hurt.

Many of us have gifts that we’re not using. There are lots of reasons. One is fear. Fear of not doing it well. Fear of hurting others with it.     I John 4:18

God has given us gifts we are to use:  I Peter 4:10 and Romans 12:6a

Then, typical Disney, the parents “disappear” from the scene. Three years later, the older princess Elsa has come of age and is going to be crowned
queen. Younger sister Anna is excited and can’t wait to get out of the castle. She also has a few other fantasies that we have to talk about!

Clip 4 14:29 (“I can’t wait to meet everyone.”) to 15:36 (“At least I’ve got a chance.”)

The power of fantasy! “Maybe I’ll meet the One!”

On Coronation Day, Anna meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. To say they hit it off is an understatement! They get engaged the first day.

Clip 5  22:30 (Hans & Anna begin to dance.) to 25:36 (Yes!”)

Anna and Hans ask Queen Elsa’s blessing for their marriage. She says no.. Anna presses, Elsa reacts by misusing her gift, then runs away and
sings “Let it Go,” which has a few good things and a few bad things in it.

Clip 6  34:00 (“I’m never goin’ back.”) to 34:44 (“The cold never bothered me anyway.”)

–Parading our sexuality is not a “sign” of maturity and freedom.

So Elsa is locked up and isolated in her own creation. But she has left her kingdom in a perpetual winter. Anna pursues her very much like God
went after us.

On the way, she runs into trouble and meets Kristoff, who, happily, questions the “wisdom” of getting engaged so quickly.

Clip 7 40:30 (“So tell me, what made the Queen go….”) to 41:52 (“Stop talking!”)

Anna, Kristoff and Olaf the snowman make it to Elsa’s ice castle, the structure she created that is beautiful and artistic and keeps everyone away.

In this next clip, Anna enter’s Elsa’s ice castle and begins by admiring her sister’s work.

Then she sings of the power of love & relationship, of working on things together.

Clip 8 54:00 (Anna at ice castle.) to 56:15 (“I will be right here.”)

Isolation didn’t prevent Elsa from hurting others. She hurt all of her kingdom, and does more damage to Anna, who was only there to help.

So again, back to the trolls, who are Kristoff’s “family.” They think he’s brought a girl home, and assume they are getting married. But in spite of that
mistake, some really good relationship advice here.

Clip 9  1:07:00 (“Enough. She’s engaged….”) to 109:21 (“Pull us out, Sven.”)

Check out how they wrongly define “act of true love.” First, they think it must be romantic. Secondly, it must be something done for you or to you.

Kristoff carries Anna back to the kingdom to get a kiss from Hans. Meanwhile, Hans and his crew get to Queen Elsa’s ice castle and capture her, bringing her back to the kingdom.

Elsa is put in chains. Anna and Kristoff arrive, with Anna at the point of death. They get her back with Hans, but this is what happens instead of what we expect.

Clip 10 1:15:15 (“What happened out there?”) to 1:16:17 (“…willing to marry me just like that.”)

Hans reveals his plans to get rid of Elsa, and let Anna die and take over the kingdom.

Lesson: Give relationships time!!!!

Now the focus seems to be on what this “act of true love” is supposed to be.

Clip 11  1:20:38 (“Please, Olaf….”) to 1:21:28 (“Don’t worry–I got it!”)

Olaf knows what true love is. Kristoff decides to go back to help Anna.

As Kristoff arrives, Anna sees that Hans is about to kill her sister. She
sacrifices herself for her sister.

Clip 12  1:25:50 (“Kristoff?”) to 1:29:00 (“My own personal flurry.”)

So much here: First, we all have gifts. And no matter how bad you’ve been or how you might have misused your gifts, they are still there. That’s God’s word! Romans 11:29

Elsa finally learns is that there is a governing principle that covers all our gifts. They are to be motivated by LOVE! They work when love is behind them.
I Corinthians 13:1-3

Then, the act of true love wasn’t romantic at all. It was self-sacrificial.

And it didn’t happen to Anna–she performed the act herself.

Why does this hit home so much? Because the greatest act of love we’ve ever known was a sacrifice. It wasn’t anything romantic. But it was filled with

I John 4:10 This is real love. It is not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.