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God and Politics

March 9, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Culture Shock

A great way to start an argument is to bring up the idea of politics and how the church should relate to political things. The Scriptures have more to say than we think about the role of the church, the political arena, and our role as individual Christians. This sermon seeks to reduce the heat of the arguments and shed light on the subject.

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Sermon Notes

Two popular opposing points of view:
1) Church and political ideas should never mix.
2) Church is God’s tool to turn a secular culture back to God, and church is called to be deeply involved politically.

Related opinion: When the church is gathered corporately, as a body, we have the same calling TOGETHER as we have as individual Christians.

What does Jesus say about this? John 18:33,36 His Kingdom is not of this world, is invisible and eternal. There will always be conflict between our earthly kingdom and His Kingdom.

Every believer has dual citizenship, and separate responsibilities. Mark 12:13-18

The role of governments (Romans 13:3) is to restrain evil. It’s God’s servant and has the ministry of the sword to restrain evil.

Then how do we bring about righteousness?

Matthew 28:18-20 The church’s role is to make disciples! Great social change came when the early church focused on this.

Misunderstanding also arises when we confuse the various roles of the gathered church, the government, and the individual Christian.

Let the church be the church!
1. We are to pray for govt. I Timothy 2:1-4 We pray so there is peace, so the gospel can go forth uninterrupted.

2. Preach and teach the truth of God’s word so that people have a Biblical mindset. Learn God’s thoughts. Take time to do that!

3. Model truth and righteousness as individual Christians. We have the Holy Spirit so we can bring the presence of the Lord to bear on every place, every situation, every job, every coffee shop. Jesus is with us and in us and goes where we go.

Don’t expect the govt to achieve what only the church can accomplish. And vice-versa.
The answer is getting in there and using our right to vote! And answering God’s call for us as individuals to get engaged in the process.

We criticize others who expect the government to do everything for them, and we rightly encourage self-reliance in these areas. But when it comes to politics, a lot of us expect the church to do what we as individuals are called to do.

Jesus said that WE are the light, WE are the salt. Join the Board of Education, lead your party. Does God want you to be major, or supervisor, or the governor, or the president? If you’re concerned about something to the point of criticizing, then you’re concerned enough to start praying and getting involved!