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Healthy Living Part 2: The Emotional & Spiritual

July 6, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Healthy Living

After focusing on our physical bodies in Part 1, this sermon focuses on emotional and spiritual health, especially in relation to our past and future. Being free of our past and hope-filled for the future is a big component of being healthy. Find out how to let the Lord heal our pasts, and how we can show faith in God for our futures.

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Sermon Notes

Healthy Living, Part 2: Freedom from my past and hope for the future


Part of being healthy is having a healthy relationship with our own pasts, and a healthy view of the future.


What do you think of when you think about the past? Even science is noticing that how we view the past affects our health. It can generate problems in relationships and create a fatalistic attitude.


Those that have learned to accept their past and even learn from it are more focused on achieving future goals.


We can’t simply “move on”…If we have continually shot ourselves in the foot, it’s good to stop shooting your foot. But you’re still walking around on an injured foot, you need to get that foot healed before you can move forward in a healthy way.


Have you taken the time to grieve, forgive, let your regrets go, and trust again? God doesn’t want us to just try to block out things, or throw out wrong thoughts or tendencies. He wants to replace them–with healthy and loving truth.


Two stories from Scripture: Exodus 15:22-25a and 2 Kings 6:1-7
What do two stories have in common? The stick–a prophetic symbol of the cross! When we take our bitterness or painful memory and bring it to the cross, it can become sweet in the memory. The floating ax head story has even more wisdom in it. The stick had to be thrown into a certain place. Where? Right where the loss occurred! To walk in freedom, we sometimes have to go right back to where the problem began, and we interact with the cross of Christ at that very point.
Memories can be transformed!


Looking to the FUTURE


What happens when you look ahead? What do you see?
Joy? Fulfillment? Provision? Pain? More failure?
Getting healed of the past will change our perspective on the future! That’s the first thing.


Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future.


Colossians 1:16-17 God is in charge. He made it all. He controls it all. He has the final word, and it’s a word of love and grace and mercy. Do you BELIEVE that!?


What can we do to show our faith in God for our future?


“We can stop pleading with God to show us the future, and start living and obeying like we are confident that He holds the future.” (Kevin DeYoung)


God is faithful, and He will bring us through, and He knows best. He did that in the past, and He’ll be the same way tomorrow.


Jesus died that we might be truly free. If we’ll just point to where the ax head fell in our pasts, he’ll bring the power of the cross to bear. And as for the future, let’s release it–let go of it completely–and entrust it to Him.


“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” (Corrie Ten Boom)