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June 21, 2015

Josiah was the last “good king” of Judah, and his life is an incredible example of so many things that make for a full and godly life. From his youth, to his response to hearing God’s word, to his basic “life plan,” Josiah is a model for us all.

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Sermon Notes

16th king of Judah, and last good king: II Chr. 34:1-2

Quick look at his life:

  • Became king at age 8
  • At age 16, began to seek the God of his father David (his godly ancestor)
  • At age 20, he began to cleanse Jerusalem and land of Judah of idolatrous objects. More extensive reforms than even Hezekiah.
  • At age 26, he ordered that the Temple be repaired. A copy of the Book of the Law was discovered—probably section of Deuteronomy. He discovered how far from the law Judah had departed. He tore his clothes in a sign of grief. New reforms. Celebrated the Passover for the first time in years, and led his people into a new covenant with the Lord.
  • Was seriously injured in a battle against Egypt and died shortly thereafter, after reigning 31 years.

But let’s take a second look for “the rest of the story.”

He began to seek God seriously when he was 16. He obviously had godly guides and counselors from his youth. Who says young people and teens can’t have a serious relationship with the Lord? “There is no junior Holy Spirit.”

He took God’s word seriously! He actually believed what he heard. Tore his clothes in a sign of grief, asked for advice from one who would provide God’s prophetic word to him. He acted, fully using the authority God had given him. II Kings 23. He called together all those under his direct authority and led them into godly covenant renewal.

What areas of authority do we have? We have much more authority to make godly change than we think!

He made it impossible to turn back! II Kings 23:6-8—can’t go back after doing that!

Similar to to the call of Elisha. I Kings 19–couldn’t go back to his old life.

What can we do to make it impossible to go back to something that’s not godly?

Josiah’s life “plan” was to seek God and do His will. We never know what’s going to happen once we decide to seek the Lord and follow Him. None of the reform was Josiah’s original idea. He just sought God, and all the rest followed!

He had the best plan–to seek the Lord, and then begin to obey what the Lord was telling him.

How many of us have said to ourselves or others, If I do such-and-such, this will happen. If I follow the Lord in this way, this is what will happen.

Elizabeth Elliott quote:  “Our obedience to God is our job. The results of that obedience are God’s.”

Bottom line: We never know what wonderful things may start to happen once we seek the Lord and do His will.