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Let God be Great in 2-0-1-8

December 31, 2017 | Pastor Mark DuPré

We serve a great God, One who is great in many ways. And He is looking to be great through His people! Learn about Jesus’s definition of greatness, and how we release the greatness of God in us for His glory!

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Sermon Notes

What a year! With all the ups and downs, one thing remains true and untouched: We serve a great God.

Psa. 145 says “Great is the Lord.”
Ps. 95:3 The Lord is a great God!

But what exactly does that mean to us— that He’s great?

Ps. 96:4—He is powerful and demands our attention!

Our God is loving and kind, but God doesn’t joke around and He doesn’t suggest.

Deut. 3:24—He does mighty things! Even when doing what we call small things, He does them with His power and might!

Great British writer C.S. Lewis had it right: He’s good, but He’s not safe (referring to Aslan the Lion). So how exactly is God great?

Jer. 10:6—He’s mighty in power! What are the most powerful forces in the world? Or the most important forces in your life? God is more powerful than any of them, and any problem, any weakness, or any evil.

Ps. 147:5—His power is great, and His understanding is unlimited. As humans, most of us keep growing in understanding. But we don’t come close to understanding like God does! He knows everything—everything—and is the only One who sees things in their true context.

Is. 46:9-10—He knows the end from the beginning.

He knows what He’s doing with us, even when we don’t have a clue! But there is more to the greatness of God than His power and His understanding!

Eph. 2:4-5—His greatness includes His great love
Think of those that you love the most, the ones that soften your heart the most! His love is like that, only more so!

Ps. 86:13—“steadfast love” and “lovingkindness” refer to a special kind of love, a love that comes from God alone, a love that never stops, and a love that has a commitment to it.

I John 3:1 Not just His creation, but His children…

Romans 5:8—you want to know what love looks like in action—this is it!

Ps. 145:8-9—his GREAT MERCY! We need mercy—every day!

So, we all agree that God is great, right? Then let’s look at Is. 12:6—great in your midst.

God sent His son to be a human, so He could become the perfect sacrifice for sin. At the same time, He made a connection between the human and the divine. When Jesus went back to heaven, God sent His Holy Spirit to be with us.

If God is great, and His Spirit is here, then God wants to be great in our midst!!

So here’s our question: Will you let God be great THROUGH YOU?

Why wouldn’t God want to do great things through you? If you’re His child, that’s enough! No exceptions–none of us is that special or weird or different that He can’t use us.

So here’s our challenge going into the New Year:

Let God be great in 2-0-1-8!

We just have to do two things:

One, we have to become GREAT by God’s definition:
Matt. 20—greatness redefined! Jesus doesn’t rebuke them for wanting to be great. He just changed their definition!
So let’s become great—by God’s definition. If we want God to be great in our midst, we have to humble ourselves and become someone who serves. That’s a transformative thought, isn’t it? Just sit with that for a while this week.

OK, part one. What’s part two?

BELIEVE that God wants to be great thru you, and WILL be great thru you!
II Chron. 16:9—God is actually LOOKING for people He can be great through!
And this: Dan. 11:32

Let me share a short Bible story that might help: Genesis 13:1-17

Lot chose what seemed best for his business, and forgot about asking God what He would want, and he forgot about what would be best for his family…. (ended up next to Sodom)

Gen. 13:14-17–God told Abraham to lift up his eyes.

So, lift up your eyes from where you are…today…to stop looking at yourself and your weaknesses, and to look to Him and what He says He wants to do! Can we let God distract us from ourselves and lock onto Him? Can we let go of ourselves and look up and lock down on the Lord? All things are possible….Mark 9:23—we just need to believe He will! This isn’t always easy, but it’s a call to all of us for this coming year.

Let us each hear the call to lift up your eyes to see His greatness, and to offer ourselves to Him to be great through us.