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“Ministering From Your Gifts”, by Pastor Mark Dupré

September 30, 2018

Jesus has anointed His church–and us individually–with many gifts. They are all for the blessing of others. This sermon points to how to look at this gifts, find ours, and begin walking in them.

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Sermon Notes

Ministering from Your Gifts, by Pastor Mark Dupré


(Part two of our series on being a healthy Christian: “Ministering from Your Gifts”)


     The body of Christ is often like a cart with square wheels, filled to the brim with round wheels. Some of us are in the wrong spot, and some of us are well fitted for the task of moving things forward, but aren’t in place yet.


     The world is saying to follow our bliss and find our passion. God says Romans 12:3-8, with an emphasis on what He’s given us all. We’re all gifted, and God wants us to move with power in our gifting.


     Our spiritual gifts are not necessarily the same as our natural gifts, or what we enjoy doing. Our giftings are for the blessing of others. Our gifts are not what we’re good at doing, it’s what we’re anointed at doing!


     “In a healthy church, the positions of leadership are held not by those who seek them but by those whose gifts match them. This is seen at every level of church life from a leader who is a God-empowered servant leader, to a teacher who is a God-inspired instructor, to a counselor who has God’s gift of insight and wisdom in dealing with life’s struggles, to an administrator who has a God-provided plan for the use of resources, to every person whom God gifts to do their work with His strength, love, power, and effectiveness.”         ~  Denny and Cheryl Weyman


     Isn’t “ministry” what the pastors are supposed to do? Check out Ephesians 4:11-12. Note who does the work of the ministry!


     Discovering our gifts. Some are found in I Corinthians 12 and 14. Others are not. There are spiritual gift tests that can help. But there are other, more spiritually organic ways.


     Start with James 1:5 and allow Him to show you.


     Remember that our spiritual gifts are not about us. Jesus has died for His church. He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us–yes, individually, but also as the entire Body of Christ, with Him directing us. God has placed gifts in us to extend His kingdom, to heal, to express His love, to reach out to the saved and the unsaved alike.


     It’s not about being self-actualized. It’s not about being the best we can be! It’s letting the Lord work through us to bless and strengthen other people.

     The body needs us all working with our giftings! I Corinthians 12:15-19


     Ask people you trust to help you see your gifts. Ask those that love you, and those that know you well. Ask them where they have been blessed by us, not impressed by us.


     How can we release our spiritual gifts?


     There is a call to action here, but a call to adjustment first: The spiritual gifts are about love manifesting itself in service to others. God loves people. Tap into that, and then the gifts will begin to flow.


     The question isn’t “What is my spiritual gift?” as much as “Where and how shall I serve you right now, Lord?”


     Don’t forget about training. Jesus trained those under Him for three years. We need to be fitted by God for our spiritual gifts–that can take some time.


     “But I just want to get going!” OK, start where there’s a need, and where you can fill it, and fit in. Don’t be bound by some definition of what you think your gift is. Be willing to serve, and to continue serving faithfully where you are. God looks for faithfulness first.


     Galatians 5:13–We haven’t been set free to just be, but to serve.

     Mark 10--If Jesus said this, we need to rethink every so often why we’re here.


     Closing quote: “One of the interesting corollary results of our research was the discovery that no factor influences the sense of joy in living the Christian life more than if we are living it according to our spiritual gifts. I can only support this conclusion from my own life. Ever since I tried to shape my ministry in harmony with my giftedness, I have experience three effects: first, I am happier; second, I am more effective; and third, I am more misunderstood by other Christians than ever before.”  ~Christian Schwarz


If you’re not sure about jumping in here, check out I Corinthians 12:31 and 14:1. If you’re not “feelin’ it,” rest assured that God is feelin’ it for you!