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Mother’s Day 2019, by Pastor Bruce Plummer and Guest Speakers

May 12, 2019

In this Mother’s Day message we’ll discover how intimidating this holiday can be and find what actually constitutes “Super Mom” status. At the end we’ll interview some folks who know all about this!

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Sermon Notes

     Ever been intimidated, even though the other person or people involved aren’t trying to intimidate you?
     I sure was. I was a fairly new Associate Pastor at CCC when we went to a Pastor’s conference in Orlando. We were in the room with some awesome pastors, leaders, missionaries. They were accomplished, had their war wounds and the wisdom of years, beside their command of the Bible. There were some real standouts there. But then there was me. Just me. So I was tempted to make the comparison and feel like I fell way short. 
     Just like Mother’s Day. 
     The expectations you have for “A Real Mom” are pretty darn high. 
     Some of you are struggling because you’re not in the Mom Club yet. Not that you don’t want to be a Mom, but there’s no little one in your arms to even qualify you. So some of those ladies stayed home today, and that’s just fine.
     But then there’s you. You’re a Mom alright, you have children, but you’re only aware, it seems, of how far you fall short. If people saw me this morning, losing my patience with the kids, little or teenage large size, you’d know I’m a terrible Mom. Everybody else is feeding their kids wonderful health food, whole grains and leafy green vegetables and I just gave my crew Pop Tarts. At least I toasted them.
     So normally, most women, if you were honest and I know you are, would confess that there are certain situations where you’re intimidated by the presence of other, in your mind, or their mind, Super Moms.
     I’m here to tell you, although I’m not a Mom, I’m a son of one, married to one and Father in Law to four of them, being an awesome Mom has little to do with how clean your rugs are and where you put your focus.
     Luke 11.27-28 give us a rather strange, in my mind, interaction between Jesus and a woman in the crowd around Him. Here it is:
     And it happened, as He spoke these things, that a certain woman from the crowd raised her voice and said to Him, “Blessed is the womb that bore You, and the breasts which nursed You!”
 But He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”
     Why did she feel compelled to yell out such a statement?
     She must have had a really high regard for a woman’s role in being a Mom. And she was super impressed with Jesus. So in complimenting Him, she blessed His Mom. Because in her mind, there was no more important role than a mother’s place in her kids lives. 
I kinda picture her as an Earth Mother kind of lady, home births only, no pain med, breastfeeding only, never anything but organic baby food that she made herself. Someone who was proud of the institution of motherhood and felt she had the role down pat. Leading the local La Leche League, eventually the MOPS, then PTA or better yet, leading the local home school coop.
     But that’s when we find that being a mother, a truly great Mom, isn’t the function of the physical things you do in that role. It’s a function of hearing the Word of God, the voice of Jesus, and keeping it.
     So the Mom who isn’t the best cook could be the best Mom you’ve ever known.
She’s the Mom who has the relationship with God, is prayerful especially of her children, lives out God’s Word and actually does it with integrity. 
     Here are two Moms and one son, whom I thought it would be good to interview today.