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Moving in God’s Direction

June 22, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré | From the series: Directions

A practical, down-to-earth message on how to continue to find and move along in God’s direction. There are no formulas, and God is a person! But there are things we can do to better position ourselves to receive His guidance and direction.

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Sermon Notes

God really wants to give us direction. He sent His Son to live among us and then die a horrible death for our sins. Do you think that He isn’t interested in providing direction?

Psalm 32:8 and James 1:5 – the heart of God.

1) Be obedient to what God has already shown you.

Did you promise God or anyone else anything you haven’t fulfilled? Have you left something undone? Complete what you’ve started! Stay committed to what you’ve begun.

2) Be faithful in the little things. I Corinthians 4:2 and Psalm 25:9

With God, we can’t tell what are the “little” things! What we do day-to-day makes a difference. God sees it.

Keep loving, keep changing diapers, keep doing your best at work, be the good student (or at least the one who studies and hands their papers in on time!). Be a good neighbor. Be faithful in paying your taxes. Do the dad thing well. Do the mom thing well. Do the kid thing well. Honor your parents.

3) Ask, seek, and knock! Press in to God!

Seek His will directly. Don’t just look for His permission, which He will eventually give if you keep bugging him. Balaam kept asking God after getting an answer (Numbers 22). Not God’s best.

Let God get your heart right. Rearrange your priorities so your primary motivation is to glorify God.

God often has other interests in mind than simply providing direction. He wants to work in us and position us to receive direction.

Be patient. He knows that we might not be ready yet, or maybe the timing is off, and He knows if he gives us the go-ahead, we might jump right then instead of waiting on God for the exact time.

If God spoke, are we close enough to hear Him? What if He whispered?

Colossians 3:15a The question of peace in the deepest parts of our spirit–not just our feelings. This may be a partial help–if you are completely not peaceful, it’s likely a sign that you need to keep seeking the Lord for what’s going on.

Don’t go by circumstances alone. Circumstances may line up just fine (Jonah disobediently going to Nineveh), but it still may not be God’s will.

Think less, pray more!

4) Seek Godly counsel if necessary. Learn from the examples of others. And/or talk to others you respect on how they find God’s will.

5) Start ministering where you can.

Ministering = serving. Just start–anywhere. God will lead you. Begin where you are now.

Be willing to obey God, no matter what direction He gives! When we say, “Not my will, but yours,” we are rightly positioned to receive His direction.

Know that what you are doing won’t be quite enough to always make it simple and easy–we have to make that step of faith. As Pastor Bruce said two weeks ago, no matter how prepared we are, that step of faith will always be a little bit scary.

Stop wishing, and start actually DOING these things! He will lead!