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“Pro Life Sunday”, (Part 3) by Pastors Bruce Plummer and Mark DuPré

April 14, 2019 | Pastor Bruce Plummer Pastor Mark DuPré

The horror of abortion, beyond the murdering of innocents, has brought judgment, confusion, and great sadness to our land. This sermon digs into what is going on behind the curtain spiritually and socially, and points to the only way out–the sacrifice of Christ applied to our lives, our state, and our nation.

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Sermon Notes

(Note: This sermon is in three parts. )


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Behind the Curtain of Abortion


Blood guilt- the guilt resulting from murder or bloodshed, especially the murder of the innocent


Prov. 6:16-17 and Deut. 21:1-9 (and many more)


Ruth Graham quote: “Billy, if God doesn’t come soon and bring judgment upon the United States, He’s going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”


Isaiah 1:15-17


Our society rages against biology in several ways. But God made two genders, not more.


Video goes on talk about how scientifically insane this approach is. Christian are often accused of not believing science–ironic.


Another area where our society is fighting biology is in the area of abortion.


“Keep your hands off my body!” is the cry of many women. It’s also the cry of the unborn child, if we have ears to hear it!


10 Proofs it’s NOT simply part of a woman’s body:


Proof #1: Different genetic code.

Every cell of the unborn’s body is genetically distinct from every cell in the mother’s.

Proof #2: Different blood type.

In many cases, the blood type of the unborn child is different than the blood type of the mother. Since one body cannot function with two different blood types, this is clearly not the mother’s blood.

Proof #3: Different gender. In half of all pregnancies, the unborn child is a male, meaning that even the sex of the child is different from the mother.

Proof #4: Different race.


As Randy Alcorn states in his book Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments:

A Chinese zygote implanted in a Swedish woman will always be Chinese, not Swedish, because his identity is based on his genetic code, not on that of the body in which he resides.”

Proof #5: Live/die & die/live.

It is possible for a fetus to die while the mother lives, and it is possible for the mother to die while the fetus lives. This could not be true if the mother and child were simply one person.

Proof #6: Locally disabled immune system.

When the embryo implants in the lining of the uterus, it emits chemical substances which weaken the woman’s immune system within the uterus so that this tiny “foreign” body is not rejected by the woman’s body. Were this tiny embryo simply “part of the woman’s body” there would be no need to locally disable the woman’s immunities.

Proof #7: Death row.

It is illegal to execute a pregnant woman on death row because the fetus living inside her is a distinct human being who cannot be executed for the crimes of the mother

Proof #8: Scott Peterson sentencing.

When Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci, he was convicted on two counts of murder.

Proof #9: Testimony of the “Father of Fetology”

Sir Albert Liley (the “Father of Fetology”) made this observation in a 1970 speech entitled, “The Termination of Pregnancy or the Extermination of the Fetus?”:

“Physiologically, we must accept that the conceptus is, in a very large measure, in charge of the pregnancy…. Biologically, at no stage can we subscribe to the view that the fetus is a mere appendage of the mother.”

Proof #10: Testimony of pro-abortion Christopher Hitchens.

The late Christopher Hitchens, a prominent public intellectual, atheist, and abortion advocate wrote the following in his book, God is Not Great:

“As a materialist, I think it has been demonstrated that an embryo is a separate body and entity, and not merely (as some really did used to argue) a growth on or in the female body. There used to be feminists who would say that it was more like an appendix or even—this was seriously maintained—a tumor. That nonsense seems to have stopped… Embryology confirms morality. The words ‘unborn child,’ even when used in a politicized manner, describe a material reality.”

The unborn child is a human life. When innocent human life is taken, there is bloodguilt. We may not have aborted a child or been a part of an abortion, but we live in a state and a country that have embraced it officially. The bloodguilt is shared by all of us.

This is a grave problem, and impossible to overcome, except for one thing: the blood of Jesus! The blood that washes away sin, that breaks the power of guilt. It’s more powerful than anything we can throw against it! But we need to apply that Blood!