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The Joys of Being In Christ: What God Has Done For Us in Christ

August 31, 2014 | Pastor Mark DuPré

Being “in Christ” is simply the best circumstance we have as believers. It’s the source of protection, power, love, and identity. Find out how incredible it is for us to be “in Christ.” Be prepared to be astonished at the reality of it all.

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Sermon Notes

Last week we talked about what happens BEFORE AND AFTER we come to Christ.


Today, a question: What the best circumstance in your life?


If you’re a Christian, it’s three words: being in Christ. It’s a legal state, a new identity, a spiritual reality. It’s a place, a position where certain things happen and certain things come to you! It affects every part of your life!


Being in Christ is something that happens to you when you come to Jesus.


It means that we have accepted Christ’s sacrifice as payment for our own sin. When that happens,God switches our accounts. He takes our record of sins, and gives us Jesus’ account of perfect obedience and being completely pleasing to God.


Our entire identity changes from being a sinner to being in Christ. Of course, we still sin, but that’s no longer our identity. God sees the union as so strong that He doesn’t separate it anymore. He continues to see us inside of, and united with, Jesus.


Ephesians 1:3 It’s a place where the blessings of God flow. Let’s look at a few…


We are safe. Like being in Noah’s ark during the flood.


We will never be abandoned. Jn 6:37


We are free…from the hold of the past …from fear about the future.


We’re free because our debt has been paid.

Because of that, we who were once enemies of God have been reconciled to Him, and have moved from being a stranger or a foreigner to a member of His family.


We are redeemed. From the power of sin, the guilt of sin, and the legal punishment due to God for our sin.The price was paid not with money, but with the blood of Jesus.


We are free from all condemnation–future and present. Hell is real, and those that haven’t accepted God’s forgiveness in Christ will have to pay the penalty for their own sin. But if we’re in Christ, He’s taken our penalty already.


When we’re in Christ, God looks at us and sees that there is no basis for condemnation. He sees the perfection that God requires to live in His presence because Jesus has done the work, and God has put that work to our credit.


Our lives are hidden inside Christ. We have died with Christ, and our life is found in seeking Jesus (Colossians 3:3)


We have expressions of Christ in the form of gifts. We’ve been empowered for ministry. We can serve the Lord confidently, that it’s His plan and His will that we be used to advance His kingdom.


Nothing can separate us from His love because we are in Christ. If we’re in Christ, we are loved, unconditionally, without interruption. The Father loves us perfectly because He loves Christ perfectly.


We are sons and daughters of God when we are in Christ. Romans 8:16-17 We are children, and if children, then heirs, and will be glorified with Him.


We have been sealed for the day of redemption. We can rest secure on judgment day, because our standing in God rests in everything Jesus did–living a perfect life, becoming our stand-in for judgment, and rising from the dead.


Lastly…We are citizens of heaven–that’s what God says.


You may be thinking, if I’m not in Christ, then am I “in” anything? Yes, you’re in Adam. That means you’re a human being. It also means that you haven’t received eternal life and all the rest of the blessings of knowing Jesus Christ yet. To receive all these blessings, you have to COME TO HIM!