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What’s in Your Alabaster Box?

January 7, 2018 | Pastor Mark DuPré

A woman brought a precious and expensive container of expensive oil and poured it out over Jesus (Matthew 26). What are our most precious possessions, and are we willing to pour them out on the body of Christ? This sermon explores that question. The sermon recording begins immediately after the video “Alabaster Box”; the YouTube link is included in the notes below.

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Sermon Notes

What’s in Your Alabaster Box?

*Sermon recording begins immediately following this video*

Matthew 26: 6-13–one of the most beautiful and tender acts recorded in scripture.

  • This is a woman desperate to thank the Lord and show her love and appreciation.
  • There were some witnesses who were critical and probably felt offended.
  • It speaks strongly to us today.

First of all, the contents of the alabaster box–spikenard. Spikenard was very expensive, coming from plants growing in the Himalayan mountains. This jar may have been all she had of value, and she poured it out on Him. The neck had to be broken to release the oil inside, so it would have destroyed the container, too.

What is most precious to you? We don’t have to be materially rich to have things that are precious.

Your house or apartment? Your car? Your job or position?

For many of us, time is the most precious thing we have.

What about your marriage? Is it INclusive, or EXclusive?

What about your children? Some families spend all their free time with their children and grandchildren. If that’s precious ointment to you, can you break open your alabaster box and spread the love over others?

Your closest circle of friends. When you come to church, do you always sit with the same person or the same small group of friends? It’s a precious thing to have close friendships, so can you pour out that preciousness by breaking up and reaching out to those you don’t know, or don’t know as well?

Your privacy? Or being an introvert. To many of us introverts, it’s our time alone that’s precious. God has made us and knows what we need, but can we occasionally share that precious time with someone else, in the name of Jesus?

God isn’t asking us to “give it up” as much as He’s asking us to pour it out!

This woman (in Matthew) took the thing she valued most and poured it out on the body of Christ. (Can you hear what the Lord is saying?)

This is what the Lord is asking us to do this year! Open your home. Open your heart. Open your marriage relationship and let others see and enjoy it. Open your family relationships.

Come to church and sit with someone else! Let other people get to know you!

Two thoughts about this:

The way we make this work is to be like Elisha! I Kings 19:19-21. He made it impossible for him to change his mind and go back!

Put yourself into situations you can’t back out of! Make commitments that you can’t change!

And lastly, our obedience WILL inconvenience other people. We have to be OK with that! Emptying our alabaster boxes will confuse some and offend others. (Read this article from Oswald Chambers to think about this some more.)

Let’s begin to open up what is precious to us, and bless the body of Christ!