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“Who Do You think You Are?, (Part Two) by Pastor Ian Slentz

June 10, 2018

In this discussion-style format, Pastor Ian Slentz and Nate Bohn talk about the importance of seeing our true identities in Jesus Christ. this is Part Two of the message.

Listen to the Sermon

Sermon Notes

There were no notes for this week’s sermon; however, you are encouraged to listen to the audio of the message and think about your answers to the following questions : 


1) What LIES  have you believed about your identity?

2) How does “understanding your identity” change how you act as a Christian in relation to demonic forces and the people of the world?

3) Do yo have a problem believing your POSITION and authority in Jesus Christ? Why? What needs to change?

4) Does position in Christ change the way a person fights against sin?