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“You’ve been Prepared”, by Pastor Mark DuPré

July 7, 2019 | Pastor Mark DuPré

Changes sometimes come without notice. Ancient Israel had a big change when they had just three days to pack up and cross into the Promised Land. Everything was different on the other side. They may not have felt ready, but God had been training and equipping them with all they would need in their new circumstances. He does that with us too! He’s always preparing us!

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Sermon Notes

You’ve Been Prepared

Imagine you’re part of ancient Israel, and you’ve been wandering in the desert for 40 years! You’ve gotten really good at living in the wilderness. You’ve figured out what to do and how to do it.

Then: Joshua 1:1-3 and 10-11!

3 days?! What would be your reaction?

It all must have been crazy/exciting in the beginning. Lots to do, then a miracle as they cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. Joshua, their leader, gets Joshua 1:5-7.

But what about everyone else? Big changes to adjust to: no more manna, no more moving the Tabernacle all the time, and all the guys get circumcised? Even the battles change from defensive to offensive.

I’m sure the Israelites FELT unprepared. But they weren’t, because God is God.

Everything they learned in the wilderness was PREPARATION for what was to come.

They just didn’t know they were being prepared.

We usually don’t realize when God is preparing us, either. God inserts things into our experiences that we’re not aware of–until we look back and see how He’s done it.

God had a plan then for everyone who crossed the Jordan. He has a plan now for each of us as we go through life’s stages, and especially for our church right now.

Here’s the problem: When major changes or quick changes come, we can lose a sense of who we are. Maybe we aren’t able to do some things we did before, or we are tempted to feel that we’re not needed any more.

What kind of changes are you going through?

  • I just graduated. So what’s the next step going to be like?

  • My kids are now out of the house? Who am I now?

  • I took care of my ailing parents. Now what?

  • I’m retiring or just about to. What do I do now?


No one loses their abilities and talents just because circumstances change! The children of Israel still maintained their skills when they crossed over the Jordan.

Do you feel prepared for the changes coming in your life? Our church is about to go through a number of changes. And life throws them at us regularly.

Here’s the good news: Even if you don’t feel ready when change comes…you’re already prepared–because God is a PREPARER!

Ephesians 2:10, I Corinthians 2:9, Psalm 23:5 and John 14:3

The big things the children of Israel learned in the wilderness were not particular skills, but were things about God Himself. Remember the sermon last week….

Here’s what they learned:

God is always faithful to provide!

It wasn’t manna prep they learned as much as they learned that God was their provider. Once we learn that for ourselves, it helps when circumstances change.

God is always with us! He’s promised. And it’s His presence with us that always makes the difference.

When change comes, remember that we haven’t. Romans 11:29. Our gifts and callings stay the same, but our assignments change.!

God has prepared us all for whatever His next step is for us! He’s never surprised, and He has always anticipated every change! Without our being aware most of the time, He’s prepared us for every change we encounter!