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Evolution Model vs. Creation Model

Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:00PM | Brockport | Led by Dave Scheer

This will provide an in-depth look into the controversy of evolution and creation. The level of science information will be easily understood. You will soon perceive that this is not “faith vs. science” but rather “faith vs. faith” and why it is a raging war between two world views. Since the lie of evolution has permeated so deeply into our culture, all Christians need to be able to defend the hope that lies within us, especially when talking about science and the Bible. Sadly, many Christians either don’t want to talk about it with non-believers or they make classic mistakes based on wrong information. This experience will arm you with basic but powerful info that can make you feel comfortable engaging others with Truth. It will also reveal the proper attitude and approach to take when speaking to others. You will discover amazing truths within Scripture that will endear your hearts to this small group experience.

Here are some of the nuggets you will learn from this group:
1) Accurate beliefs from both sides of the issue.
2) The spiritual battle behind the debate.
3) Scientific evidence against evolution.
4) Biblical insights against evolution.
5) How pre-flood conditions distort evolutionists conclusions.
6) Age of the earth and assumptions with dating methods.
7) Scientific evidence for a global flood and how the Noah’s Ark experience is scientifically possible.
8) Dinosaurs and fossils and the Bible.
9) Lies and misleading tricks in textbooks that impede critical thinking.

This Power Point presentation will provide many meaningful visuals that will quicken understanding and recall. There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussions. You will not be disappointed!

Class starts on 09/19/2017


No fees. Bring a Bible.


Age 14 and up