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Sermons by Pastor Brad Kahler

“He Always Hears Me”, by Pastor Brad Kahler

June 23, 2019 | Pastor Brad Kahler

Using the story of Lazarus, Pastor Brad Kahler demonstrate how God always hears us, and how His love helps us overcome the stresses of urgency, the fear of neglect, and the pain of disappointment.

“By Default or by Design?”, by Pastor Brad Kahler

June 9, 2019 | Pastor Brad Kahler

¬†Are you living by design, or by default? In this sermon, Pastor Brad Kahler uses the account of David’s anointing as an example of how family, familiarity and failure can get in the way of us seeing God’s amazing plans for our lives. It is by knowing God’s truth of who we are, of what He has determined to be truly valuable in culture, and what is realistic in God’s eyes; that can enable us to escape the default setting the world has for us; and live according to God’s grander design.