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Sermons by Pastor James Laughlin

Help My Hands are Falling

November 19, 2017 | Pastor James Laughlin

Pastor James Laughlin of Joy Community Church in Rochester shares four spiritual weapons that will help you face the battles in your life. Just as victory was possible for Moses, it’s possible for you. To achieve it, you should focus not only on what God can do for you, but also what God wants to do in you. You were never meant to fight the battle alone!

A Challenge to Authority

May 15, 2016 | Pastor James Laughlin | From the series: The Best Life Ever Lived

Guest speaker James Laughlin is the senior pastor of Joy Community Church. He continues our series, The Best Life Ever Lived, by looking into Matthew 21. Through life examples and studying Christ’s example, James teaches on who we are in Christ and the confidence we should have in the authority He has given us.